2 thoughts on “Bodhidharma, Diamond Mind & Zen

  1. A sassy old man!

    I enjoyed your comments about Bodhidharma’s answer to “What is the tallest thing?” (something to that effect…). Nothing is taller than the Self, you don’t get over your ego, but mind is wide and allows you to go around! It’s a nice poetic exploration, and of course, I love the emphasis that we can be jerks and still ‘get it’. That’s definitely one of the first things I notice about Zen and, like everyone, quite adored.

    I can’t recall much else – it’s been awhile now.

    1. That is one of my favorite quotes, and yes, I do think that Zen is taking up the Daoist trickster, as the one who can act like anything and anyone, as long as we assume that they are getting around the ego, or kicking it in the shins a bit. You don’t lose anything, as Joshu says, who is from a Daoist town, in particular. Rather, you fight fire with fire, however you like, with awareness. What’s the use of escaping?

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