Bodhidharma, Ming Dynasty

The Trained & Untrained

Grizzly Bear Prayer, Versus Ursus

A student told me a joke a grandfather once told over dinner, which I now tell you:

A man was running from a grizzly bear, and the bear was gaining on him, so he dropped to his knees and prayed, “Dear Lord, save me from this vicious beast!”  The man looked up, and was shocked to see the bear was also kneeling, and praying, “Dear Lord, thank you for this delicious feast!”

Thanks for the joke, to grandfather, and grand student!

Who needs internet games when you have PONG: THE CAT TUB HOME GAME

My tiny mewing yeti has been conditioning me to leave my studies, follow him to the bathroom, into the bathroom, and then to the tub for belly rubs.  This morning, we had a major breakthrough in pandemic feline relations, as I discovered he is quite talented at tub table hockey.

His brother, just off camera, seems to enjoy it as a spectator sport.  We may have to rig a camera to record a round or two.  Sideways, it looks like he is doing a skateboard kick-flip with the ping pong ball.

The Head of a Japanese Shaman-Princess & her view of the times

Roman Mosaic of Mother Tiger & Calf

Now You WANT To Stay Inside…