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Confucius Says Things He Means: Chinese Ethics & Philosophy

Ethics Deadline

Hello, Ethics class, Sumer 2020.

Please turn in all three of your papers, two 4-page and one 8-page paper, by the end of this evening.

I will grade everything Tuesday and Wednesday, and get your grades in the system by Wednesday afternoon, before the deadline Thursday, the 30th.

Thank you for being a wonderful class.  I know that I haven’t spoken much with many of you, but the talks and papers have been wonderful so far, and we are living in unexpected, incredible times, according to everybody.

Please feel free to email me with questions and comments in the future, about the class or the material.  I plan to get another video about Confucius out today or tomorrow, and build out the videos for this and my other classes as we stay indoors.  Thankfully there is overlap in subjects for the Fall, Greek and Buddhist philosophy, but I am sad that I did not get a video out for each of our lectures this Summer.

Much happiness, stay safe, and remain people, unless you are any other animal.

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Ethics Is Ending!

Hey, Ethics class!

Ethics isn’t entirely ending in the world, or perhaps it hasn’t started yet, but sadly our class is, over officially tomorrow.  I said on the site here that all work is due by the end of Saturday, July 25th, but I am extending the deadline one day, and your three papers for the class are due Sunday, July 26th.

I have made five videos, and have three or so I can make today and tomorrow.  Thank you for your patience, and I look forward to reading over your work.  I do learn new things reading the papers each and every semester.  Hopefully the few videos I managed to make can inspire more in your papers, if you need that.

Let me know by email if you have questions about your papers, the material, or want to chat.

Much happiness, and I hope you are all doing OK.


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