Amenemopet , a local king who ruled around 1800 BCE, proclaimed that that we do the opposite of what we typically think to do to those we consider evil.  Rather than punish bad with bad, like fighting fire with fire, we can show them the compassion and consideration they lack even if they do not deserve it, similar to Jesus saying, “Turn the other cheek”.  Amen-em-opet shows not only concern with social justice, but giving freedom of speech to the dis-empowered.

Because we refuse to imitate the wicked, we help them, we offer them a hand…That they may know shame, we fill their bellies with bread.

The gods desire respect for the poor more than the honoring of the exalted.

If the poor owe you a large debt, divide it into three parts, forgive two and let one stand.  You will find that this is like everything in life.  You will sleep soundly, and in the morning greet it like good news.  Better is praise as one who loves others than riches in the storehouse.  Better is bread when the heart is happy than riches with sorrow.

Never permit yourself to rob the poor.  Do not oppress the down-trodden, nor thrust aside the elderly, denying them speech.

Egyptian harvest

Do not lie down at night being afraid of tomorrow.  When day breaks, who knows what it will be like?  Surely, no one knows what tomorrow will bring.