2 thoughts on “The Long Discourses of the Buddha III: Dawn of Jerks

  1. Another great lecture! I’m very fond of the “When aren’t you your true self?” Schtick that buddhas employs. Seems simple but I find it to be incredibly useful and compelling, not only philosophically, but psychologically.

    The aforementioned peers and I actually study the the classic Zen Koans together (Blue Cliff Record, Mumonkan, Book of serenity, etc) on a podcasts of ours, and I’m always on the lookout for Zen masters saying something similar… They are a tricky bunch though! Sometimes they seem utterly different than the majority of buddhism.

    Anyway, again, great stuff. Looking forward to taoism and zen!

  2. Thanks again, Warren! You should watch the two lectures I just uploaded on Hui Shi and Gongsun Long. I made sure to do that before Daoism, and you will find their examples of paradox very useful for the koans of Zen.

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