Islamic Philosophy – Jesus

Persian Mary and Jesus

Because of medieval and modern clashes between Western Europe and Islamic lands, few Western Christians are aware of the reverence that Muslims hold for Jesus.  Jesus is mentioned in the Koran more than anyone, the greatest prophet before Mohammed.  According to Islam, Jesus did not claim to be the solitary son of God, but rather taught that all are equally daughters and sons of God, studying the Bible and finding this in the words of Jesus himself.  For Muslims, Jesus is the patron saint of scholars and wisdom, and he sounds much like Confucius in many of the sayings attributed to him:

Muslim Persian Jesus

The worst man is the scholar who is in error, since many people will err due to him.

The one who has learned and taught is great in the kingdom of heaven.

When asked how he could perform miracles such as walking on water, he asked in return, “Are Stone, mud and gold all equal in your sight?”

persian carpet Jesus

When asked, “Teacher, who are the people of my race?”, Jesus replied, “All the children of Adam, and that which you would not have done to yourself, do not do to others”.

When asked “Who was your teacher?”, Jesus replied, “No one taught me.  I saw the ugliness of ignorance and avoided it”.

On scholarship and science, Jesus remarks, “How many fruits, but not all are good! How many sciences, but not all of them useful!”

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