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  1. Hi, Mr. Gerlach I wanted to leave you a message because I asked you a question about the caste systems in Europe derived from India because of the Indo-Aryan’s that came from ancient Persia that lead an invasion into the Indian subcontinent. The Indo-Aryans and Indo-Europeans carried their culture to India and that’s where the caste system which led to enlightenment period to their culture which all of the religions and most of the philosophers in that region in that part of the world. I have a link that shows you that.

      • This discusses the Aryan influence on and in India. I don’t see anything about influence on Europe. I am very interested in the influence of India on Europe and Greek philosophy. Plato’s Republic does prescribe a caste system very similar to India’s, and Plato had connections to Persia, but it is not clear that European noble orders were based at all on Plato’s prescriptions.

      • Those were thousands of years ago during the Rig Veda and most of those post-agricultural societies changed once the Indo-Europeans started moving down north. There was a people called the Scythian 6000 thousand years ago they may have been the first people to ride on horseback and they may have been the descendants of people created Agriculture. I found a video that was on discovery channel that explains it more.

    • Here’s a video about how indo-European languages spread throughout Asia but it also tells a different story about the origins of how different cultures spread throughout Asia and the Indo-Aryan invasion happened and that may have contributed to languages in India and how it spread to Europe.

  2. Hi, Mr. Gerlach, I found a link that shows what I was telling you on Wednesday about the did the European Caste systems come from Indian caste systems. Yes, it did during Indo-Aryan invasions into the Indian subcontinent where the Indo-Dravidians were actual Melanesians (who were dark-skinned) that lived there before the Indo-Aryans came there so there and put in a caste system to differentiate the races. So if you’re dark-skinned you were less than the ones on to. Which lead to the enlightenment period in the Indus River region where philosophers and new religions sprung up. Didn’t Europe have an Enlightenment period several time’s? The Spanish used that in the Spanish Inquisition to differentiate between religions but that was due to the Moorish invasion into Iberia? Now back to India, once the Aryans conquered India the Indo-Europeans tribes who came from the North (Ukraine or just from eastern Europe and a Country called Bactria but they called themselves the Tocharians. The Tocharians or the Indo-Europeans spread their culture across Asia and then later Europe. Look up Indo-Europeans and India and you will find several links.

  3. Hi, Professor Gerlach, I haven’t been able to do the paper just yet and I have so much homework to do plus, I’ve been dealing with my heart condition. Could you give more time to do the paper? I have accommodations where can receive more time. Would that work for you?

  4. Hi, Mr. Gerlach I overslept today because I didn’t turn up the volume on my alarm. I just woke up and now I’m not sure if I can make it today because I live in pinole and I don’t know if I can make it on time to class at all. I guess I will see you then on Wednesday

  5. Hi Professor this is Kevin Christian in your ethics class and I won’t be able to make it to class tomorrow because I’m in the hospital right now. I have enough oxygen in my heart right now. I will see you next week ok. Take care ok! Bye!

  6. Hi, Professor Gerlach this Kevin Christian and I won’t be able to make it to school tomorrow because I have a doctors appointment. I will see you Wednesday ok. Take care ok and have a good weekend! Bye!

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