Asian Philosophy

Indian CourtSyllabus & Schedule

Essay Prompts & Topics

1 Indian Thought, Hinduism & the Vedas

2 The Upanishads & Hindu Epics

3 The Orthodox & Unorthodox Schools of Indian Thought

4 Buddhism in India: The Theravada & Mahayana

confucius right side5 Buddhism in Tibet, China & Japan

6 Chinese Thought & the Period of the Hundred Schools

7 Confucius & the Analects

8 Mencius, Xunzi & Neo-Confucianism

93bb7-yin2band2byan9 Mozi, Hui Shi & Gongsun Long

10 Daoism: Laozi, Zhuangzi & Liezi

11 Zen: Bodhidharma to Linji

12 Zen: Zhaozhou, Koans & Stories

13 Strategy: Sunzi, Mushashi & the Hagakure

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