Ethics, July 8th

Good morning, Ethical People.  We are halfway through the course, and midstream in life itself.

I hope you are OK, and please stay safe, because California is getting a bit sicker.

I have been having a real time of it making videos.  The first should be ready by today or tomorrow, the first part of the first lecture, with cool illustrations.

I realize I have to record lectures and pop them up with pre-made pictures rather than cool illustrations so I can get anything up like the videos I planed before the class is over.  I love making the movies, but we don’t have the time.  A few students have requested audio recordings of the lectures, and I will provide.

The audio recording itself is not difficult, nor finding good pictures for free use, but cutting breaths out of the audio, which makes it sound better, and illustrating things with the simplest of my own pictures takes hours for a few minutes, well worth it, but the class ends in less than three weeks.

Other than that, the content is all up on this site, and you should work at your own pace, but also jot down ideas for your three papers, two short and one long.  Take time to write ideas down, rewrite them, and soon they will grow into short papers on their own, with your loving care.

As usual, email me with any questions at all about the class, or your thinking about it, or if you want to chat with the group or in person, online.  I am here for you, and just as a Fluxus performance artist of the 70s once said, I forget who, I will record my voice for you to show you I truly care, with each and every playback.

Much happiness, and more to follow.

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