Ethics, July 1st

Good morning, Ethics folks!

Hopefully you are continuing, and happy.

By now, you should have read over some of the first lectures, and are thinking about ideas for your first four page paper.  Email me if you have questions about the material or papers.  Remember, all work, the three papers, are due at the end of the course, so you have plenty of time, but put in steady work.  Take notes, write down your thoughts, and then rewrite them, and add to them, to turn them into focused work for your papers.

I am available for chats, and at whatever time is convenient, if it works for me as well.  Not many are signing up for chats from 9 to 11 am, so if later works better for you, let me know.

We will be having the group chat from 11 am to noon on Zoom today, which is optional.  Email me at before or after 11 to join us.



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